Monday, October 10, 2016

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

story of my life, I suppose

I was looking through some old emails to find some Halloween decoration ideas and came across this line I wrote to Sierra and Heather:

[T]hings are good.  I still don't know how to do everything I feel like I need and want to.  I guess that's what I just have to keep figuring out. 

I wrote this almost three years ago.  I was fairly sleep-deprived with my love-to-nurse almost six month-old.  I feel the exact same way in this very moment--like I'm still trying to figure things out.  Will I ever?  Some days are so full of peace but they seem to occur rarely.  Most days I have a few flashes full of peace and joy.  Other days I feel like I am struggling to simply stay afloat.

Anyhow, reading that impacted me.  I'm making progress; it's just slow and and steady most of the time.

Still need to do catch-up posts on our trip to Hyde Park and my first non-surgical stitches.  Coming sometime (not going to say soon because I'm set to snail's pace right now).

Sunday, September 11, 2016


Andrew was driving with the kids and listening to NPR.  There is a little ad that runs about Carbonite and H reacted with a very excited, "Dad! Carbonite!" when she heard it.  She was connecting it to Han Solo in Star Wars.

After walking E to school, we were on our way back home, with H on her bike.  She kept going off the sidewalk into the grass.
I said, "I like how you ride into the grass to slow down."
She replied, "I just have to power down."

Friday, August 26, 2016

some visuals

 adventuring up to Timp Cave

 this sweet family of mine

 blueberry pancake face

 always building

 first day of K

(I swear they are practically angels
when I check on them before I go to bed)
(but how can they even sleep like this???
kids are amazing like that, I guess)

last summer swim day

The outdoor pool closes on Saturday, so we took our last plunge for the summer yesterday.

Andrew and N joined us after Andrew worked out.

E showed off his new "somersault" move.  He and F chased Heather around non-stop while I gave the girls multiple motorboat rides.  The boys loved being thrown/hurled up and into the water.  H wanted the same treatment and got mad when I threw her but didn't let go of her all the way.

When Andrew and N came out, N was flapping his arms and kicking his legs before they even entered the water.  He was so excited to get in and splash.

We almost had the whole pool to ourselves and it was a perfect night to end our summer swimming on.  Hopefully by the end of next summer E will be able to swim some laps.  He is doing pretty well but still has a ways to go in figuring out side-breathing.  H has absolutely no fear and no reservations; she just goes and goes and goes and is always pushing her limits and making her mama nervous.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

busy Saturday

  1. I hiked to the fifth bridge up Rock Canyon with Pa and Becky.
  2. Breakfast and getting ready for the day with kids.
  3. I take oldest two to our team's end of season celebration while Andrew stays home with the napping baby.
  4. Kids run around, play on playground, clamber on rocks, play in dirt.  H bring home a full cupful of sticks, rocks, flowers, and woodchips.
  5. Lunch.
  6. Vacuuming and laundry and dishes and all sorts of trying, trying, trying to clean up.
  7. Load up the car to head north.
  8. Visit family to see the newest cousin and nephew.
  9. Explore the Church History Museum.
  10. Wander through Temple Square and City Creek.
  11. Scarf down dinner and attempt to placate children. 
  12. Tour the Conference Center.
  13. Home again home again.
  14. Late bedtime and a long day (in addition to our hiking and caving adventure the previous day) meant everyone slept in.  Hurray!
The kids were obsessed and enthralled with all the coins in the fountains and streams in City Creek and at the Conference Center.  We started giving them a monthly allowance a few months ago and they have suddenly gone gaga for money.  Hopefully this phase will pass and they won't be staging a full-on freak-out when we won't let them enter fountains and streams to retrieve pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters.

We had a busy weekend that was so fun.  I really liked going to Salt Lake and adventuring around.  I love my family so much and love seeing the kids experiencing new things.  

Speaking of new things: E starts kindergarten tomorrow!

Timp Cave

We adventured up and through Timp Cave on Friday.  Our hiking start time was 9:15 and we had our tour at 10:30.  It seemed like the perfect time of day to hike.  We were pretty much completely shaded on our ascent and it still wasn't too hot on the way down.  Andrew carried the baby in the pack on the way up and I shoulder-carried H up for about 75% of the way.  She hiked through the cave all by herself while I had N in the front carrier.

I thought the hike was pretty gorgeous since I'm not in AF Canyon very often.  We gravitate toward Provo Canyon and Rock Canyon.  The cave was pretty neat.  The kids had fun being "detectives" and I loved admiring all the different features.  I feel badly because I didn't dress the babe warmly enough.  He had on footie-pants but his feet were pretty cold by the time we came out.  Should have double-layered him on the bottom like I did on top.

H napped the whole way down after we stopped to eat sandwiches.  She snoozed on Andrew's back while the baby napped away on me in the front carrier.

  • H asking before we'd even left home if we were going to see bears in the cave.
  • Ranger Ruth asking if anyone knew what the features growing down from the ceiling were and H answering without hesitation, "Stalactites!"  It was pretty amazing.
  • E declaring on the hike down that he wanted to do the hike again and again and again.  This declaration was later revoked when he came in our room at 3 a.m. complaining that his hips were hurting.  He said, "I don't ever want to do that hike again.  My hips are really sore."  Poor kid.
  • Jelly Belly incentives!
  • Lovely views and beautiful rocks (I really think quartzite is gorgeous).
Pictures to come...