Wednesday, February 8, 2017

seven years

H eyes our  wedding-gifted fluted glasses waiting to be washed and standing by the sink.

She asks: What are those tall glasses for? 

Me: Oh, Daddy and I celebrated last night.
H: Did we have a babysitter?
Me: No, we just celebrated after you guys were asleep.
H: What did you do?
Me: We told each other we loved each other and said happy anniversary. 
H: Did you dance?
Me: No.

Please to be noting that ALL of my answers were met with yet another question. And so it goes. On and on and on.  

No, we didn't dance.  We drank some Martinelli's and put together a Lego hummingbird.  Andrew gave me a Lego set with a hummingbird, a robin, and a blue jay.  Other gifts were also given and exchanged.  

Seven years.  Three kids. Six habitations. Lots of books. Many restless nights. Some restful nights. Lots of cooperation. Plenty of diapers, laundry, work, meals, and messes. A few funerals. Many hugs and kisses. May we keep it up.

Friday, January 27, 2017

vocab and violence

Yesterday H uttered, "I am going to shoot this unfortunate bad guy."

I am certain "The Little Mermaid" has influenced her word choice, but I am also very impressed by her correct usage.  Kids are fun and really into catching the bad guys who inhabit their imaginary worlds.

Monday, December 12, 2016


I was helping E write a talk for primary in October and we were talking about prayer.  I love one of his remarks.  He said, "Prayer can help you when you're in darkness."  I love that kid.  Can't believe he turns six this week!

Sunday, December 11, 2016

a plea

Andrew was helping H say her nightly prayer one night this week because she was "so so tired" and couldn't do it by herself.  She was repeating pretty much everything he was prompting her to say, except for one thing, which she completely turned around and had me laughing.

Andrew: I am thankful for a mommy who loves me.
H: Please bless Mommy will love me.

Oh, I do, sis, I do.

I really have the best parents ever

They took the kids swimming and had the older two over for a sleepover last night.  It was so nice to spend some time alone with my husband.  Even just a few short hours away from my kids makes me love them all the more and marvel over how wonderful they are.  I love being able to reconnect with Andrew; I really like him and it's nice to remember and be reminded of it.

Sunday, December 4, 2016

of late

The baby is napping and I'm missing church again to be with him.  I am looking forward to having church at 9 in a few weeks; I will be able to go AND nap the baby.

Winter is officially here.  The first half of November was so sunny and temperate.  We spent as much time outside as we could and I'm glad we did.  We are trying to figure out ways to stay active now that it's COLD!

N is down to one nap.  Yesterday it was a full three-hour-nap.  He's been asleep now for over two and a half hours.  It can be tricky keeping him awake until after we drop E off at school, but we're figuring it out.  N is so busy and wants to go, go, go all the time.  He is walking so well and like a seasoned pro.  He is jabbering (and shrieking) a lot more.  He loves pulling everything out of the cupboards.  He loves sitting by his bin of books and pulling them out and reading them one by one.  It's adorable.  One of my favorite things he started doing a few weeks ago is when he clasps his chubby little hands together when it's time to pray.  Too cute!

H is a chatterbox and always carrying around various collections.  She will often say something and I will hear the word mom or mother, and so I will ask her, "What, honey?"  She will respond, "Oh, I wasn't talking to you," or, "I was just talking to my imaginary friends."  Oh man, such an imagination!  She discovered the CD collection at the library so we've had "Frozen" music blasting as well as various Disney songs.  H changes her attire various times a day and is slowly coming to terms with figuring out how to layer (wear a coat) in this winter weather.

E is getting beyond excited for his birthday.  He loves going to school and has begun to read simple books.  It's so fun to see him catch on and start to spell things and recognize words.  He has some pretty good art skills and I love seeing the drawings he comes up with.  He can swim the length of the pool on his back; he was able to do that this summer, but we haven't been swimming very regularly, so the fact that he's retaining his swimming skills without much routine practice is hopeful to me.

The kids watched "Mary Poppins" this weekend and H was singing "A Spoonful of Sugar" while E was repeating the Chimney Sweep song.

Well, the babe is waking.  Adios.

Tuesday, November 15, 2016


October was not the healthiest month for us around here.  We started off with E barfing between Sunday General Conference sessions.  N puked about a week later.  Then pink eye had its fun running its course starting with E, then H, then N, then me; Andrew was spared.  E got chicken pox over fall break and then I got strep throat.  Good times.   Well, not really, but now we are appreciating being healthy all the more.